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Why culture wins best talents

We are facing challenging times by inflation, wars, crises, insecurities … you name it. It is tough for all of us - there is no doubt.

Additionally, companies all over the world are struggling with finding the best talents - and holding employees. We are trying to lure high potentials with corporate benefits, more flexibility in business, and remote work. It is a tremendous time investment, to find the best people.

But why are some companies more successful in winning & holding employees than others? My opinion:

Culture can be your greatest selling point or biggest obstacle.

Especially the younger generations, value the importance of a positive company culture. Helping your employees grow, having a culture of constructive criticism, following leaders as role models who set the example, and BEING HONEST about the purpose and initiatives you are driving within your organization are important aspects to consider.

Strong cultures within companies create employees who are brand ambassadors.

So if your employees have a strong connection to your organization’s culture, they are more likely to refer friends to your organization. They will speak convincingly about your company and why it is a great place to work. Great people recruit great people.

Talented people want to work for organizations with a strong, winning culture. High potentials are desperately looking for workplaces with a brand, mission and values they agree with. So why not working on culture and making it a high priority?

Call to action: Build an intentional culture.

Culture is not waiting in the corner for its time to shine. Culture is something you create & develop, rethink & reflect.

If you can’t tell in an elevator pitch what your organization stands for, or what you expect from your employees - what you do differently than your competitors - your employees can’t either answer the question. And it is not only your task to do that - the best results you can achieve is asking your workforce - your overall team.

Interact with them. Ask them for their opinion. Receive feedbacks. Take them seriously and ACT. Rock your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to be a talent magnet & see the importance of culture within the business context.

And remember: Kindness is a language everybody understands. There will be requests from your employees with different cultural backgrounds - that you might not understand. Stay calm, be kind, listen carefully & try to find commonalities & compromises - that will lead to success.

In my next article, I will share my insights on intercultural competences - concrete methods/tools that can easify in creating a great culture. Stay tuned!

Take care & All the best, Moni

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